Torres novas

Social Responsibility

At Torres Novas we care about our impact every day and we work to make it positive, both socially and environmentally. Therefore, we are always looking for ways to contribute to society and to guarantee a sustainable production in the management of each day.


All our products are made of 100% natural, biodegradable and environmentally friendly materials, such as cotton, never using artificial and polluting fibers such as polyester which have a negative and long lasting effect on the environment.


All Torres Novas products are made in Portugal, in the North, in partner and certified factories with dozens of years of collaboration with Torres Novas.


Our Mira collection is made in 100% organic cotton, with 600 GSM,  and seeks to combine sustainability, comfort and design. Organic cotton is better for both the environment and the skin. The agricultural process of organic cotton uses less water, emits less greenhouse gases and limits the use of insecticides/pesticides.


Sustainability is not only about environmental responsibility, but also about supporting the surrounding community. With these concerns in mind, Torres Novas has teamed up with Comunidade Vida e Paz, contributing with all articles that may not be sold to the public, due to small flaws or the result of excess production, but that are nevertheless in perfect conditions to be used for many years. This way, we can make sure our products are put to good use by those who need them, while reducing the environmental impact from waste. 


In line with Torres Novas' social and sustainability values, we created our “Torres Novas Takeback Recycling Program”. This program consists in collecting old towels and, after sorting them, allocating them to two associations, Comunidade Vida e Paz andUnião Zoófila. This way, we can guarantee that even the oldest towels that are already in disuse still have a second life.